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ERP is used by organization to combine, organize, and maintain the data necessary for operational of business. Selecting SAP &ERP package and implementing it correctly can be exteremely complex



Trimitrasis will help to integrate the platform of marketing and sales, customer service, and business analysis through Sales Force platform for your business success.



Equipped with a user-friendly interface and integration with other modules, Node3 is an IT solution based ERP solution developed by Trimitrasis as accounting management tools for various

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Our Work Process

it's simple and flexible to match your business timeline

  • Preparation & Business Blueprint

    This is the first phase of the project and the purpose is to get scope of work and the requirement on how the project must be done.

  • Realization

    Develop the solution according to the business needs that has been agreed and dealt on the first phase.

  • Final Preparation & Go Live

    Checking the readiness of the user before migrating data and to make sure that the whole solution built is ready to use

What Our Client Says

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Working with Trimitrasis was a right decision for us. Their IT expertise really helps us much in understanding the needs and implement the right solution for our company. working with them is worth the price!.

Eka Risqon Helmi
IT Head


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