About Us

Who We Are

Recently, volatile economic tide has demanded businesses to be more competitive, flexible, and scalable. They have to drive growth and opportunity through the tight corridor of competitive landscape. The best way to do this is by deploying technology to empower decision making and strengthen business processes.

Answering needs of today’s business challenges, PT. Trimitra Sistem Solusindo (“Trimitrasis”) is the premier partner for your end-to-end business management solutions. Trimitrasis will deliver modular approach with robust capabilities focused on reducing cost, streamlining processes, and improving business responsiveness across the organization. We have been able to guide our partners to improve their business infrastructure, through an integrated technology application in ERP SAP and Salesforce for CRM since August 2013.

Business process can be effectively empowered by technology and information system. Only then can scalability be achieved. With our 10 years deep and broad experiences, as well as the support of our certified consultants, we can deliver the best service and solution. We will be your best ICT solution partner.

Meet The Founder & Team



President Director
Ade Pribadi
VP General Solution
Project Management Officer


Business Development Director
Ruudzi Mustaqin
Finance, Accounting & Tax Manager
Rahma Hidayah
Business Development Coordinator
Wilda Muhlida
Marketing & Corporate Strategy


Professional Service & Solution Architect Director
Siwi Purwanti
HR Coordinator & Recruitment

Our Business Philosophy

Research Based Decision Making

Research is at the heart of Trimitrasis business activity. Trimitrasis’main focus is to help businesses use the right technology to support effective and efficient business processes. This can only be achieved if we have intimate knowledge of not only the needs of the businesses, but also the market the businesses are operating in. Therefore, in-depth and thorough research are critical in supporting our business activity.

Sustainable Learning

We emphasize the process of learning, relentless innovation, and continuous improvement in our organization. We invest in the personal and professional growth of our team members. We place high value on a lifelong learners who can help us improve and create our technology-based solutions. We believe this philosophy will end up benefitting our customers in form of the best solution in the market.

Global Goals

Trimitrasis is proud to be a home-grown Indonesian technology company. We develop a wide range of information technology solutions which have been successfully implemented in various local, national, and even multinational companies.Trimitrasis is eyeing to expand into ASEAN market, where we are confident that we can bring our top-notch solutions and services to a bigger market.

Our Vision

To Be Your Best ICT Solution Partner

Our Mission

To Give Our Customers First Class Product & Services, Through Excellence and Reliable Human Resources

Our Value

  1. Kami berkomitmen selalu memberikan solusi terbaik melalui riset teknologi yang berkesinambungan untuk menghasilkan nilai tambah bagi para pelanggan.
  2. Kami selalu berinisiatif saling berbagi ilmu dan keahlian untuk menciptakan daya manusia yang berkualitas
High Integrity
  1. Kami berkomitmen untuk menjadi individu yang disiplin, jujur dan bertanggung jawab dalam menjalakan setiap aktivitas
  2. Kami berkomitmen untuk menjadi individu yang dapat dipercaya, dengan menjunjung tinggi etika dan transparasi
  3. Kami berkomitmen untuk saling menghormati, menghargai dan berperilaku adil kepada para pelanggan
  1. Kami berkomitmen untuk memberikan layanan prima dengan mendedikasikan keahlian, pengetahuan, dan pengalaman melebihi ekspetasi pelanggaan.
  2. Kami bersinergi untuk menghadapi setiap tantangan

Our Strength

Focus On Business Efficiency

Dedicated to provide integrated IT solutions, Trimitrasis helps their partners to develop end-to-end and industry-specific ERP designed to fit your unique operational needs, resources, and budget. With its scalability and flexibility to support long-term growth, Trimitrasis complemented by full range of services, providing a single point of accountability to promote a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

Premium After Sales Support

We believe after sales support is perhaps the biggest business activities. We are proud to offers a suite of maintenance services to ensure that our products and services perform their best. Trimitrasis also provide premium after sales support team to handling customers’ complaint in maximum 2×24 hours for resolution solving. We enjoy high reputation in the used of IT solutions market for having a reliable system for organizations.

Easy to Learn and Use

Combined with the power of the latest technology and the development of information systems solutions based on Rapid Application Developmentas our framework, the business solutions packages from Trimitrasis are designed to be implemented quickly and grow along with your business, so that all our clients can easily adapt and learn quickly.

Training Support Before the System Running

We also understand that it’s not easy as simply adopting a new system or tool—your team members must learn how to reap as much value from each technology as possible. Trimitrasis also provide training service on ERP SAP application before all the engineered system are running in the organization as our one package business solutions.

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