Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy


Sustainable Learning

We emphasize the process of learning, relentless innovation, and continuous improvement in our organization. We invest in the personal and professional growth of our team members. We place high value on a lifelong learners who can help us improve and create our technology-based solutions. We believe this philosophy will end up benefitting our customers in form of the best solution in the market.


Global Goals

Trimitrasis is proud to be a home-grown Indonesian technology company. We develop a wide range of information technology solutions which have been successfully implemented in various local, national, and even multinational companies.Trimitrasis is eyeing to expand into ASEAN market, where we are confident that we can bring our top-notch solutions and services to a bigger market.


Research Based Decision Making

Research is at the heart of Trimitrasis business activity. Trimitrasis’main focus is to help businesses use the right technology to support effective and efficient business processes. This can only be achieved if we have intimate knowledge of not only the needs of the businesses, but also the market the businesses are operating in. Therefore, in-depth and thorough research are critical in supporting our business activity.