Product & Service

Product & Service

Our skill in products and services of IT implementation capabilities can be grouped into these areas.




Equipped with a user-friendly interface and integration with other modules, Node3 is an IT solution based ERP solution developed by Trimitrasis as accounting management tools for various industries, such as property, retail, and more. Node3 ERP implementation package includes four main modules consisting of Financial Planning (Financial Accounting/FA), Materials Management, Sales, and Production.


-HRIS Calendrical

HRIS Calendrical is an information system solution developed by Trimitrasis to help businesses manage human resources, from hire to fireemployees phases. Five major modules in HRIS Calendrical, namely HR Administration Personal, Employee Attendance Management, Payroll Calculation, Calculation of Tax and Human Resources Development Program. HRIS-Calendricalrent system flexibility also help our clients minimize the risk of total cost of ownership.



Trimitrasis have information systems solutions that are specific to the enterprise  asset management, ranging from the procurement process, registration, placement, utilization, security, maintenance until the abolition (disposed) of the asset. With the use of SIMA, the business owner can find real-time information on the status of its assets, both qualitatively and quantitatively.



A high intensity of correspondence activity in the organizations causes difficulty to handle those letters. SITU accommodate data handling correspondence which includes the application of routine correspondence activity management, controlling and monitoring. Meanwhile, the support system includes reporting generator systems and data warehousing for reporting-summarizing needs, and it is also equipped with a search system (search engine).


-MIS Project Management

Trimitrasis provide a system that helpingnon-profit organizations to manage, monitor, and prepare a report of their projects. This system will help the institution to monitor the project, from initial project planning, budgeting, keeping the record of overall costs for the projects, until the reporting when the project has been completed.



-ERP SAPImplementation

ERP is used by organization to combine, organize, and maintain the data necessary for operational of business. Selecting SAP &ERP package and implementing it correctly can be exteremely complex and intimidating process for many business teams. But, if itperform correctly, it can be revitalize an organization to streamlining and synchronizing many business departments into one unified software system. With our deep experiences in these expertise, let us to assist your organization throughout the SAP & ERP planning to implementation process.


-CRM Implementation

Trimitrasiswill help to integrate the platform of marketing and sales, customer service, and business analysis throughSalesForce platform for your business success.This platform aresolution for organizations that want to improve effective business relations with customers.


-AMS (Application Management Support)

To support the smooth business operation of the company, Trimitrasis provide a cost-efficient support services that can be used on-demand below:

·         Payroll process handlingbyTrimitrasis.

·         Annual support services for ERP and Node3.

·         Product enhancement for ERP and Node3.


-Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Every type of business model and organizational structure certainly has a different challenge. Trimitrasis will help you evaluate the existing business processes, improve and redesign it, so they can be run more efficiently, also useful for long-term business continuity.


-IT Services & Solutions

Run your business with the tools needed to stay relevant and efficient. We provide you with the best practice of IT solutions.

·         Microsoft Based Products Implementation: Advance Workflow Development, Integrated, Corporate Portal,Office 365 Implementation.

·         Network & Infrastructure:LAN, WAN, Server/Data Center,VPN.

·         Open Source Development: Java, PHP, Phyton, GIS.

Mobile Solution Development: Android/iOS.