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tWith deep Insight and deeper expertise, we know to meet your business and workforce needs. We know how Digital Technologies Business Environment

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We give the best services from our best trusted Service Provider


Trimitrasis has worked with multiple large-scale mining companies and helped them excel their Financial Performance Management and Analytics capabilities using the latest technologies. Our team are trained with extensive knowledge across varied technology. We work collaboratively to implement solutions that can help drive revenue growth and improve margin


  Technology creates essential bridge between patients, healthcare professional, medical services and so forth. We offer a complete range of industry-focused services designed to conform to your unique and dynamic needs.


  In this new digital era, world is connected. Trimitrasis help telecommunication companies to proactively adapt their business models, deliver operational efficiencies and connected customer experience powered by innovation and technology. To be successful with these shifts, it’s important to choose the right partner with the right tools.


 The logistic industry has always been exposed to frequently changing demand and market circumstances which require logistic practitioners to be adaptable and innovative. We believe mega trends such as Big Data, social media, Internet of Things (IoT) as well as Peer-to-Peer and Usage-Based Logistic will continue to be one of the top industries.


Salesforce Gold Partner

  Trimitrasis has been officially approved as a Salesforce Gold Partner. As you run your bsiness digitally by implementation of technology solution to improve your company productivity and efficiencies, you also support various business processes with Salesforce.​


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What They Say About Us?

Our Customer are the heart of organization. We had an incredible growth since then.
This is totally attributable


Managing Director

Sebagai perwakilan management PT. Nipindo Primatama saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih dan apresiasi terhadap tim Trimitrasis yang sangat kooperatif dan aktif dalam memberikan solusi, serta bekerja dengan professional dan komitmen sehingga project SAP S/4 HANA ini dapat terimplementasi dengan baik dan tepat waktu.  

Alloysius Vendhi Prasmoro

Engineering IT Business Development Manager

Pada proses pelaksanaannya kami didukung oleh tenaga kerja yang professional & kompeten dari Trimitrasis. Seluruh karyawan telah mengikuti pelatihan, pengembangan dan  penilaian yang valid, layak dan berkualitas tinggi

Siti Kahirani Samsurizal

VP. Customer
Operations Group 

Solusi Trimitrasis sangat membantu kami, ditengah pertumbuhan pengguna Linkaja yang sangat cepat, kami tetap dapat menjaga dan mengelola hubungan konsumen dengan baik melalui solusi CRM dari Trimitrasis.

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