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Current Payment Challenge

In this eras when the idea to increase productivity just like a common situation should be faced. The financial transaction would become one of largest transaction number which has big opportunity for mass improvements.

The bulk number of invoice supporting document verification and payment transaction, grow as like business growth, changing become a huge of challenge caused too many manual document should be processed.

Accuracy and speed to complete the payment transaction in current SAP systems without defect is the key to address the challenges.

Digital Transformation Solution

The simplification transaction by elaborative digitalization solution for the whole payment processing, would be the best solution for increasing productivity to reduce manual document verifications and increase accuracy and speed of payment completion.

These includes: how to convert hardcopy invoice document to the digital data and integrate to current SAP systems, park document, and automate post AP document. Also how to integrate payment proposal to the bank systems, auto post reconciliation. Thus end-to-end payment processing could be automated in the systems.

“Make easier your invoice verification and payment processing”


AP Automation

FS²Invoice is a high performance solution for your invoice processing. The package supports invoices both without (FI) and with (MM) an SAP purchase order reference. FS² Invoice allows any number of approval and release steps and release according to specific line items in invoices. Core functionalities are available for creating specific workflow steps. The user administration and text system enable efficient, streamlined management of settings for users. All the verification and release steps are available both within and outside SAP (via WEB access). The FS² Invoice Overview ensures the transparency you need to meet cash discount deadlines and maintain speed and effectivity in work processes


With the Invoice Overview, you can see and track all records and transactions in an instant, regardless of whether they are in the scan process, are being validated after data extraction, have been shifted into an exceptions workflow, or are parked, posted, or paid. Users can process their own workflow tasks and intervene manually in workflow steps. This provides the assurance of transparency throughout all worksteps and processes, from scan to payment. In their everyday work, users benefit from the speed and convenience offered by the comprehensive overview of information in a central screen. From the beginning of the process onward, it provides a solid basis for liquidity planning.



Automate invoice input, enhance control, and leverage visibility of supporting documents

Increase productivity!


At a Glance

  • Comprehensive, standard solution 

  • Implementation is quick, with minimal programming 

  • Designed with the latest software architecture 

  • Intuitive, user-friendly GUIs

  • Dynamic design 

  • Adaptable screens

  • Flexible customizing 

  • Integrated reporting functions

  • High level of user acceptance 

  • Provides a solid basis for liquidity planning

  • Purchase to Pay: Link to FS² Procurement


Three simple steps: Scan, Validate, & Approve!



  • FI and MM invoice approval 

  • Flexible management of the individual workflow steps 

  • Best practice

  • Central Invoice Overview

  • Management Summary

  • Process overview via FS² Cockpit

  • Item-specific release

  • Extra payment release step

  • Web access for approval & release steps (03)

  • SAP Portal integration

  • Role-based release table

  • Any number of processing steps

  • User-friendly interfaces

  • Tamper-proof workflow log (PDF) 

  • Use of all core FS² component


Flexible Workflow

  • Capture 

  • Approval Step (n levels) 

  • Line item specific approval step 

  • Controlling step 

  • Account-based processing 

  • Release (n levels) 

  • Posting (manual and automatic) 

  • Release for payment (n levels) 

  • Processing of quantity and price variance (n levels) 

  • Selection of next agent (manual or automatic) 

  • Waiting step for events (e.g. GR posting)



Electronic Bank Statement

Compatible With All Banks

Electronic Bank Statement is a type of bank statement document from a bank digitally. Where the file can be sent via email or direct to servers. SAP has the ability to read the bank statement file. With our solution, Bank statement documents received directly on the SAP server will be read by SAP and transaction documents will be made according to transactions that occur in the current account to facilitate the transaction process and reduce repetitive work to improve the effectiveness of work and business processes.

Mass Payment Processing

With a large number of invoices, it will cause new problems, which are also large payments process. To meet business needs and accelerate the process of operational activities in the company, the company need a system that can accommodate all these problems. This package provides solutions to solve these problems quickly and safely with additional security method, and integrates directly with bank payment process both mobile and desktop. Eliminating processes that use paper and replace it with digital, making companies become paperless



Digitalize end-to-end payment transaction

Easy and very useful!




  • More accurate in providing payment information

  • Integrated directly with the bank server

  • Support OTP Authentication

  • Customizable message of the OTP

  • Multiplied the security of the transaction

  • Remain safe Even if the SAP password is known to others

  • Can view Bank Statement and current balances from SAP

  • Automatic Reconciliation with Bank

Mobile Solution

  • Can be accessed anywhere

  • Invoice documents can be viewed in the mobile

  • Support for all types of devices

  • User-friendly GUIs

  • Report for processed payment

  • Application is downloadable from Play store or Apps Store

Flexible Workflow

  • Approval level Can be easily set 

  • Email notification when approval is needed 

  • Able to send SMS Notification for approval 

  • Give notification if the proposal is rejected 

  • Detailed report on the time of approval and the person doing the approval 

  • Eliminating processes that still use paper


Join Us with top worldwide companies have run bank payment integration to achieve your maximum business benefit from ERP implementation and run your digital transformation with global standard. The key to success in system implementation, the best system and the best partner should be chosen. Trimitrasis as the local partner of SAP, who experienced in implementing SAP integration with banks, will assure your digital transformation deliver excellence.


AP Automation

Implementation Package

  • Multi document (Invoice, PO, Faktur Pajak, AcceptanceDocument, etc)

  • Web and FIORI AP approval

  • No user limitation

  • Content Server*


Electronic Bank Statement

Implementation Package

  • Mass payment approval

  • Multi currency and multi type of bank transactions

  • OTP SMS notification*

  • House-to-House transaction

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