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Current Mining Challenges

In this eras when the idea of Industry 4.0 trends just like a common situation should be faced, the mining digital transformation is the top of topic would be discussed first to reach its objectives. Mining industry as one of asset intensive businessneed a specific approach to run the digitaltransformation for ensuring all solution would beaddressed mining business challenges and aligned with common practice of digital transformation road map. Soon or later mining companies will run this transformation from traditional paper based data into digital communication data to solve mining key challenges

  • Lack of accuracy of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) of mining products, considering detail cost coming from various process should be performed

  • Unintegrated material supply chain raises aging of material requirement fulfilment, causing high value of inventory, lack of actual visibility, and higher inventory cost

  •  Less of fleet information, unintegrated maintenance activity, less of breakdown, information, difficulty to record unit activities, and untraceable cost of unit e.g: fuel, maintenance, labor

  • Difficulty to manage employee data across plants within many grading standard, various variable of compensations, different work schedule, and

  • Difficulty to leverage market caused by limitation of commodity price faced higher production cost, and inappropriate financial transaction recognition aspects

  • Less visibility of cash flow and lack information of overdue payment and future receivable, impact to the strategic business decision

Digital Transformation Solution

The very first system should be performed is the integrated ERP as the fundamental of business transaction systems which control any transaction from across departments. The ERP system not only tools but also the business process solution it self, define the business process, and represent organization business value. SAP S/4HANA is a new generation of ERP solutions from No.1 leading ERP company which running in real time, integrating predictive analytics, big data and mobile access.


SAP S/4HANA delivers massive simplifications (customer adoption, data model, user experience, decision making, business processes and models) and innovations (Internet of Things, big data, business networks and mobile first) to help businesses run more simply in the digital era.

SAP S/4HANA can help your mining company as you compete in the new digital reality

It provides a proven framework to adopt industry best practices while attaining operational excellence.

Package Information
Integrated mining process

Applicable for All Mining Sectors

  • Mining Owner

  • Mining Contractor

  • Mining Trader

  • Hauling & Transportation

  • Loading and Shipment

  • Port Service Provider

Main Focus of Business Process

  • Mining Plan and Operation

  • Logistic & Warehouse, Inventory Management

  • Purchasing Management

  • Fleet and Unit Management

  • Selling and Trading

  • Accounting, Tax, and Finance

  • Human Capital Management

  • Project Management

  • Management Reporting

  • Third Party Integration (weight bridge, fleet

    management system, movement tracking, etc.)

Business Implementation Approach

  • Standardization Unified procedure and templates to optimize process and improve work quality

  • Clear Governance Policy conceives of all requirements and rules developed and adopted by all stakeholders

  • Lean Process Elimination of process wastes by identifying non-value added processes

  • Overall Integration Integration of all system across company to avoid double inputs and risk of human error

  • Monitoring and Tracking Ensure process visibility and allow monitoring & tracking process by all related stakeholders

  • Leverage Automation Reduce manual transactions by leveraging business process automation to accelerate processing time

Mining Value Chain
Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is solid feature focus on managing unit performance, by upgrade maintenance standard, maximizing of unit utilization, raises accuracy of maintenance, record part consumption history, manage unit fuel consumption, and also alignment with asset cost collection. It would make easier to get actual asset’s TCO.

  • Owning and Leased Asset

  • Fleet Master Data

  • Maintenance Strategy

  • Maintenance Planning and


  • Breakdown Management

  • Warranty Management

  •  Measurement Parameter

    (Hourmeter, SOS, Rating, etc.)

  • Fuel & Oil Management 

Main Benefit

  • Improve the best-practice

    processes in changes to asset


  • Increase regulatory compliance

  • Improve unit performance and


  • Reduce lost maintenance

    productivity due to inaccurate

    or incomplete material

  • Establish auditable records of

    all changes to all units

  • Easy to collect unit cost

Mining Production Plan

One of the most important data should be recorded is production activity would be the company achievements, thus we provide feature to manage production plan and execution. Which this feature focus on delivering operational needs. The main delivering focus for standardized format operational data, make data entry easier and faster, also improve quality for better report. These features integrate across department, e.g: maintenance, inventory, finance, and HR

  •  Fleet Combination Plan

  • Production Planning

  • Cost Budgeting

  • post Structure Management

  • Activity Rate Planning

  • Production Standard Cost

  • Production Execution

  • Daily Production Monitoring

  • Fleet Activity Timesheet

  • Operator Activity Reporting

  • Actual vs Plan Prod. Reporting

  • Actual Cost and Unit Price

  • Production Inventory & Survey

Main Benefit

  • Standardized cost structure, planning, and budgeting

  • Easy to calculate and generate product cost

  • Generate production forecast

  • Easier to monitor production quantity both internal and contractor activity

  • Integrate production quantity to other third party systems

  • Simplify operational data 

  • Generate detail & summary reports

Monitoring Daily Production
Human Resource

The Human Resources feature helps you to businesses handle employee data more effectively. Human resources is the department that handles an organization's personnel data. Human capital management (HCM) is a newer term and takes the approach that employees are company assets. Either way, employee data needs to be managed, and organizations should decide to manage growing employee data in a HR management system with rich functionality as we provided.

  • Organizational Management

  • Employee Personal Administration Data

  • Time Management

  • Time Evaluation

  • Work Schedule or Roster

  • Payroll Calculation

  • Localization Tax (PPH21)

  • Employee Payslip

  • SPT and e-SPT

  • Operator Inventive Integration with Timesheet

  • Travel Management

Main Benefit

  • Single source of truth for Employee Data

  • Large visibility for employee time tracking

  • Easier to run automatic payroll calculation

  • Providing retroactive payroll calculation

  • Integrated to Accounting and Finance

  • Easy to generate SPT document

  • Integrated travel planning, trip approval, reimbursement and settlement

Human Resource

SAP Financial Accounting collects and stores business transactions in a way that satisfies external reporting requirements. Due to online integration within itself and with other modules, it allows users to assess the financial position of the company in real time. It handles financial relations with vendors and customers, such as booking receivables and payables, sending and collecting payments, issuing dunning notices and account statements. Interface with banks (processing outgoing and incoming payments, posting bank statements).

  • General Ledger Management

  • Asset Management

  • Account Payable

  • Account Receivable

  • Tax Management

  • Integrated Automatically Posting

  • Cost Center Management

  • Profit Center Reporting

  • Financial Budgeting

  • Profitability Analysis

  • Cost Settlement and Distribution

  • Cash Flow Reporting

  • Financial Statement

  • Balance Sheet Rep

  • P&L Reporting

Main Benefit

  • Always reconciled financial process for realtime financial data transaction

  • Integrate management and financial accounting along with profitability data into a single universal journal 

  • Eliminates indices, totals and other predefined aggregates and depends on line items as a singular source of truth

  • Simplify financial transaction with global accounting standard

  • Budget control made easy, by automatically checking on commitment item

  • Accelerate closing and reporting along with decisions deriving faster transactions

  • Easy and real-time flow access to firms cash flow provided


Join Us with top worldwide mining companies have run SAP to achieve your maximum business benefit from ERP implementation and run your digital transformation with global standard. The key to success in system implementation, the best system and the best partner should be chosen. Trimitrasis as the local partner of SAP, who very understands your mining business process, will assure your digital transformation deliver excellence

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