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Make Business Integrated

Node3 is the ERP application was designed  and  developed to address  digital transformation challenges , suitable with Small-Media Enterprise (SME)  with no limitation number of users or business process.


Node3 application is the most powerful and integrated ERP systems for SME, with rich features, unlimited users, user friendly, and easy for mobile use. The solution to leverage your business and raise your market with integrated business processes in single platforms.  Node3 Apps was developed to address current and future business challenges, aligned with latest technology, and equipped with beautiful user interface to make business transactions faster and better.   


Why Node3 ?

  • Easy to use

  • Customer centric 

  • Flexible development 

  • Mobile access  

  • Faster implementation 

  • Affordable price 

What We Can Help ?

  • Accounting

  • Finance 

  • Purchasing 

  • Inventory 

  • CRM

  • Sales 

  • Point of Sales

  • Human Resources 

  • Production 

  • Project

  • Maintenance 

  • Dashboard

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